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What We Offer

At CONTACT PERSONNEL we offer recruitment assistance to businesses in Cape Town looking for Temporary (flexible), Permanent or Executive Search candidates. We also help jobseekers find their dream jobs.

CONTACT PERSONNEL knows that the business world is very competitive and that in order for organisations and job seekers to be successful, they need to understand the importance of harnessing their resources to the fullest potential. That is where we come in. Recruiting a winning team is an integral part of any business game plan but placing the right people in the correct positions isn’t always so simple. This task is made even more complex when the rules change and different labour laws come into play.

Like a game of chess, CONTACT PERSONNEL will apply an effective strategy that incorporates recruitment skills and techniques honed over many years of practical experiences. We take all the requirements, development and latest rules into consideration and make masterful placements for employers and jobseekers across the board.

In our rulebook the client is always the king. And because each member of a company’s staff plays a valuable though different role, we never view any candidate – whatever their rank – as merely a pawn in the recruitment game. Instead, all candidates are chosen for their unique ability to add strength to a business and complement the rest of its team, helping the organisation press forward and succeed.

What you can expect:

At CONTACT PERSONNEL you can expect service excellence across a wide selection of fields including:

  • Management
  • Financial/ Accounting
  • Secretarial
  • IT
  • HR
  • Technical
  • PR & Marketing
  • Support Office Staff
  • Customer Service
  • Call Centres
  • Freight/shipping
  • Administration
  • Travel

Through utilising a combination of print media, online software, an extensive database and a wealth of knowledge gained over 38 years, CONTACT PERSONNEL has developed the unique ability to target the highest calibre candidates, however great the challenge. Our candidate selection policy is based on merit, qualifications and the ability to perform the required tasks.

In all divisions applicants are:
  • Interviewed face to face (where possible) using competency based recruitment techniques

  • Skills are assessed and references checked

  • Credit, criminal and qualification records are checked and verified